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Winter Health by SOLGAR

December 30, 2016

Winter Health by SOLGAR

Winter is the season for festivities and fun! It also brings with it the cold and flu season - the lack of sunlight and the cold weather can have a huge impact on our mood, immune system and general health. 

There are a number of things we can do and supplements we can take to boost our immune system, improve our mood and help keep ourselves happy and healthy this winter:

Strengthen your immune system

Vitamin C and Zinc are great supplements to take during the cold months to boost your immune system and prevent colds, flu and respiratory infections. 

Ester-C is a highly absorbable Vitamin C and bioflavonoid complex which provides 24-hour immune support and antioxidants. Alternatively, for vegetarians and vegans we have Vitamin C 1000mg vegetable capsules. Vitamin C is an important vitamin as it helps strengthen your immune system and can help to reduce inflammation. 

Zinc is also a great supplement to take to promote optimal immune system function.

If you struggle to get enough fruit and vegetables in your diet, try adding some superfoods to your meals or taking a superfood or multivitamin supplement to increase your intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Solgar's Formula VM-75(TM) is a high potency multi-vitamin 


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