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Nutrition For The Brain

September 26, 2016

Nutrition For The Brain

Did you know that good nutrition is vital to the health of your brain? It is, and in ways that might surprise you! For a long time the role of nutrition in mental health has been neglected, but things are changing and we now know just how important brain foods and certain nutrients are.A healthy brain in linked to lower feelings of stress,better moods, focus, and memory both early in life, and as we age. Making simple changes to the foods you eat can have surprising benefits.  

Food For A Healthy Brain 

We are in the midst of a scientific revolution linking better nutrition to better brain health. Although terms like mood food and brain food have been used for a long time,nutritional research only recently begun to reveal how true this actually is. A large number of studies from all over the world have found connections between what people eat and their mental health. The same pattern seems to be true no matter what your background,culture or country. Diets higher in fruits and vegetables and lower in processed foods are associated with much better mental health. Diets high in fat, refined sugars and additives and low in nutrients can affect behaviour and learning in children. Depression and anxiety is much more common in people whose diets are low in vegetables and fruits and higher in processed foods, in fact what you are eating now can predict whether you will develop these problems later.And people who eat minimally processed, plant-based diets tend to have slower cognitive decline with age and reduced risk of developing dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Why does nutrition have such wide-ranging effects? Because many vital processes in your brain, including  energy production, neurotransmission and nerve growth and repair require nutrients to happen-they are essential building blocks and co-factors for brain metabolism. Simply, your brain is dependent on optimal nutrition for mental health. 11-unexpected-side-effects-of-ashwagandha1

Ashwagandha: One of the most highly prized plants for rejuvenating and strengthening the mind and body, it has been used as a nutritional tonic for thousands of years. Ashwagandha is especially valued as a nerve tonic, to reduce stress, and as a memory enhancer, and modern research is confirming this age-old use.It is thought that Ashwagandha may help prevent cognitive loss with age due to protection against negative effects of stress on the brain. A healthy body means a healthy mind after all.

Solgar Ashwagandha

Fish Oil: A lot of studies of fish oil supplements have been undertaken in children and adolescents to see if they can improve brain health and have benefits for behaviour and cognition and most studies suggest there are important benefits for children who have behavioural issues or are academically underachieving. Omega 3 fatty acids,especially those found in fish oil, are thought to be one of the most important nutrients for a developing brain because they are essential for both the structure and the function of the brain and nervous system. coconut-water-splash

Coco Loco: Why are we coconut crazy? Everyone is coco loco, but this may be more than a passing fad.Virgin,raw coconut oil has some interesting properties which support potential health benefits,including reported antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.But more importantly,it is abundant in a special type of fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). Your brain is extremely "energy hungry" It uses, by proportion to the rest of your body, more calories than any other area. Although sugar can fuel mental energy,scientists believe fats are just as important. It turns out MCTs might provide a better fuel for your brain than sugar,and there are studies into the effects of MCTs for improving cognitive function in people whose memory is starting to fade. In one study people took 20 grams of virgin coconut oil for four weeks and exhibited significant improvements in cognitive performance.In the majority of the studies,caregivers also observed improvements in alertness,overall activity and mood in their family member/partner. Additionally coconut oil is a heart healthy fat; there are no negative effects on cholesterol.

 Diet Food Coconut oil

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