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Tips to support a healthy immune system over christmas

November 19, 2014

Tips to support a healthy immune system over christmas

Try to avoid excessive dietry sugar.

100g of refined sugar a day has been found to cut immune function by 50%. The typical western diet contains around 150g of refined sugar daily.

Dont Skip Meals.

Allowing blood sugar levels to fall too low results in high levels of the hormone cortisol being released, which reduces immune system function.

Avoid Stress. 

Stress causes cortisol levels to rise and tends to cause people to eat unhealthy or binge on sugary foods on the run. It shrinks the thymus gland which is responsible for producing the bodys white blood cells.

Exercise Outdoors.

Moderate exercise and daylight combine well, making for a great day out and immune boosting benifits to boot! This can be bootcap clases or even a long walk in the park with the dog!

Avoiding Drinking Alcohol Excessively.

Excessive alcohol use, especially binge drinking, severely depletes zinc levels which consequently depletes immune function.

Keep A Healthy Weight.

The activity of white blood cells is lessened in people who are overweight. It is known that high levels of fat in the bloodstream inhibit the ability of white blood cells to divide and consequentley reduces their Mobility, which can deplete imune function.



 Echinacea Purpurea

Stabilised Allicin - Allicin Max 

Beta Glucans




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