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Squeezy Athletic - Lose Fat Not Power

November 19, 2015

squeezy_athletic_logo-300x130 weight-loss-challenge Almost everyone knows the fight against unnecessary fat pads. But why it is so incredible hard? Reasons for this can be found everywhere. If you want you’ll find a lot of reasons. Sometimes it is the wrong diet, the wrong time or the missing motivation. Only excuses? No. Abatement only works constantly, if you feel good and healthy. But mostly the opposite is the case: the muscles disappear, the body becomes weaker, you lose the desire to slim. And that is the crux of the matter. Food offers us pleasurable moments, keeps us healthy, provides energy and makes us powerful. But unfortunately many things which taste good make us fat.  


Carbohydrates - principally starches and sugars - are our number one source of energy. It ́s recommended deriving half our energy intake from carbohydrates. Carbohydrates from bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fruit, vegetables etc. help us stay fit, aid concentration and satisfy our hunger.However, different carbohydrates have different attributes. They have varying effects on blood sugar levels, i.e. different foodstuffs have different Glycaemic Index (GI) values. That’s why it’s unhelpful simply to eat as much as you can of whatever you like, especially when it comes to foods and beverages which cause a large rise in blood sugar levels very rapidly after consumption. A lack of physical activity or bad diet inhibits these processes and insulin levels remain high for long periods at a time, which lead to a build-up of fats in the cells and/ or inhibits the burning of stored fat. As a result, the body accumulates reserves of fat - and we gain weight. couch-potato-clip-art-378908


Formulated on the basis of the latest nutritional research, the dietary food SQUEEZY is produced from wholegrain wheat, transformed by a patented double fermentation process including vitamin yeast and probiotic cultures, during which starches are almost entirely eliminated. The result: valuable protein, energy-giving carbohydrates, and fibres with a very low Glycaemic Index (< 20). Furthermore SQUEEZY ATHLETIC delivers a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals. This composition makes SQUEEZY ATHLETIC to a „meal replacement for a weight-controlled nutrition“, and makes the product unique both in terms of form and function.SQUEEZY-ATHLETIC-Test-Bundle1THE MAIN ADVANTAGES OF SQUEEZY ATHLETIC

1) As a part of a calorie reduced nutrition, SQUEEZY ATHLETIC can contribute to weight loss due to a replacing of meals. 2) SQUEEZY AHTLETIC contains valuable proteins, energy - giving carbohydrates and fibres with a very low Glycaemic Index (< 20). 3) Further SQUEEZY AHTLETIC contains vitamins, minerals and trace elements. For that this product is a full daily portion for a weight- controlled nutrition. USAGE AND DOSAGE OF SQUEEZY ATHLETIC You should follow this three-phase plan. PHASE 1 - INITIAL- AND POWER PHASE In the initial phase, do not eat anything other than SQUEEZY ATHLETIC for three days. At the smallest sign of hunger, immediately consume SQUEEZY ATHLETIC - in the course of a full day, consume a total of approx 18 - 20 spoonfuls (5 servings). Make a “shake” by mixing 3 - 4 level tablespoons (one serving) with low fat fruit buttermilk, low-fat whey or yoghurt (or any other sugar free mixer), or simply combine with water. Day four is your first free day. Reward yourself and eat what feels good to you. Take a look at the nutritional pyramid and decide which foodstuffs are most suitable. Now eat nothing other than SQUEEZY ATHLETIC for the next three days, then enjoy another free day. You should continue this pattern until you have achieved 50 % of your dieting target. PHASE 2 - STABILISATION PHASE In the stabilisation phase, eat one normal, balanced meal every day. However, no longer take free days. Always refer to the nutritional pyramid when deciding what to eat. It is important not to consume carbohydrates in the evening - eat a protein-based meal instead. Continue taking SQUEEZY ATHLETIC normally. Move to the final phase once you have achieved a further 20 - 30 % of your dieting target.   PHASE 3 - FINAL PHASE The focus now is on nutritional adjustment. During the final phase, eat two normal balanced meals a day. Feel free to combine pasta, potatoes or rice with low-fat fish, chicken or turkey. Stay clear of rich, fatty sauces; go for tomato based sauces instead. Once again, keep to the nutritional pyramid and rather prefer proteins to carbohydrates in the evening. Continue taking SQUEEZY ATHLETIC as normal. USEFUL HINTS HAVING SUCCESS IN WEIGHT LOSS CAN BE MEASURED IN CENTIMETRES; NOT IN KILOGRAMME: Don’t use your weight as the sole measure of your diet’s success. Start by measuring your problem zones with a tape measure (e.g. waist, hips, thighs). Repeat this measurement once or twice a week. SQUEEZY ATHLETIC can be combined with a variety of mixers. The best results are obtained with water, but you can also use low-fat yoghurt, low-fat quark, whey or buttermilk. Add a little cinnamon or orange essence for even more flavour. Please stick to the prescribed amounts for consumption you should never consume less. For a healthy lifestyle, eating and drinking is not enough but also requires exercise so that the energy balance is in sync and the metabolism is stimulated. We wish you every success! [shopify product=] [shopify product=]

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