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BPI Best Protein Bar Launch in The UK

May 19, 2016

bar2 BPI are doing very well this year going from strength to strength with the new and improved products and awesome new packaging. The products stand out on the shelves in store thanks to its clean bright design. (it also matches our brand colours so of course we love it) First in to Shop4Supplements was the ISO Whey and Best BCAA which we can say definitely lives up to its name, packed full of flavour and strong enough to dilute in a big bottle of water. However, this post isn't about how great the recent products have been, this post will focus on the BRAND NEW BEST PROTEIN BAR... We were lucky enough to grab a box to sample at BodyPower and can't wait to get hold of all the flavours for you guys (they are currently on pre-order). ingredients chocolateChips 4 mouth-watering flavours, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, S'mores and  Cinnamon Crunch. This protein packed bar is a far cry from the dry, cardboard texture, jaw breaking bars of the past. A combination of high quality proteins and a smooth easy to chew texture gives that " just baked feel". Keeping in with the rest of the range, the bars ingredients are well sourced using stevia to sweeten and keeping the fibre high and cutting out the gluten.  

"Definitely can't call this bar ordinary"



Calories: 230  Protein: 20g  Carbs:28g  Sugar:3g  Fibre: 17g  Fats: 8g  Saturated: 2.5g

In store we've noticed each customer has their favourite brand and they normally stay loyal, but with the fast developing protein bar market things are changing. Grenade have recently stolen the show from Quest nutrition with their Carb Killa bars, releasing 5 flavours in a year with each one doing better than the last. I can see BPI being fierce competition for the two, we can't wait to get you guys trying them.Keep your eyes peeled!!!

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