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Introducing Zupple the 2-in-1 Shaker!!!

May 28, 2016

In 2011 two bright, enterprising young chaps - Robbie Smith and Danny Hallam - set up Daro Design, a product design consultancy that creates and develops products for a raft of clients across Europe, including some sports sectors. In 2008 a well- known sports drinks company came to an England Hockey Training Camp that Robbie was attending, with new supplement powders they’d been developing. However, they had arrived with their standard water bottles, giving out one each with no convenient way of actually storing and consuming their suggested supplements when the players needed to. Robbie came away from the training camp thinking that there needed to be a convenient way of carrying these different supplements for specific occasions. The design fuse for the Zupple 2 in 1 shaker drinks bottle was about to be lit. With the enormous growth of sports nutrition over the last six years the opportunity to produce a ground-breaking drinks carrier was all-too evident. Although the problem was realised in 2008, it wasn’t until Autumn 2013 that the guys started to research and develop a solution within Daro Design. They went through 5-6 different prototype versions to ensure that two drinks compartments could be separated to allow easy interchange for new supplements or drinks to be added and make it easy to clean used bottles quickly. Another problem at the R&D stage they would have to overcome would be the volume issue of two bottles in one without the bulk. Although we are aware that many people consume larger supplements/shakes/smoothies over 400ml, Consumer and Nutrition manufacturer feedback told us that 300-400ml were the mostly commonly optimal volumes for those having sufficient amounts to stay fit and healthy. We managed to fit 2 x 400ml capacity pods into one single bottle no taller that 260mm in height and slim enough to fit into nearly all gym equipment holders. With an ergonomically designed 70mm waist that feels great to hold and carry. The Zupple 2 in1 shaker modular drinks system is unique and delivers nutritional drinks and supplements in an exceptional way. The 400ml pods allow for most common volumes of supplements, meal replacements, soups, drinks, smoothies and can combine two types of nutrition in one bottle for balanced healthy diet. The Zupple method beats other compartmented storage shaker designs which can’t carry and store ready-made nutrition. Zupple also has the added benefit of being able to change and interchange nutrition easily, as the compartments can be detached providing a system rather just a stand-alone bottle. It’s the world’s first 2 in 1 shaker bottle/system that’s also modular. Key Zupple features and benefits Rounded base for easy mixing and cleaning, no powders clogging in corners. British designed and manufactured in UK ensuring high quality. Store two pre-made drinks, supplements, meals etc. Ability to change nutrition by detaching and adding new pods quickly and easily. Zupple system looks, slick, hip and cool. Appeals to young and old. Bucks the trend with sleek shape, double use of colours identifying pod contents. With Zupple, we wanted to steer clear of the classic shaker styles which has now saturated the market. The Zupple shaker 2 in 1 system has a wide audience of users and aimed at everyone from Sportsmen & women, Gym-goers, dedicated Bodybuilders to Fitness enthusiasts and general everyday people who need to consume healthy nutrition on-the-go.. Zupple suits everyone from mums, doctors, teachers, businessmen/women, accountants and dolphin trainers. In fact, anyone who needs an easier way to stay fit and healthy during their busy daily routine by organising their nutrition in a convenient storage bottle that also looks great. Moving forward, Zupple's aim is to be more than just another shaker bottle brand. We provide a unique whole nutrition storage/intake system allowing users to fully customise their bottles/pods to suit their own nutritional organisation and consumption needs. This year and into 2017 Zupple will be supplementing their range with insulated food pods for hot beverages and soups, together with a water filter pod and infuser pods for freshly infused flavoured water. All available in multiple sizes to suit specific intake volumes for different nutrition. [shopify product=]  

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