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Pumpkin Seed Oil

September 25, 2016

    54ffaecda33ed-pumpkin-facts-orig-master-1 October is approaching and the season of autumn brings us Pumpkins for carving,baking and cooking.But did you know Pumpkin should be consumed all year round and not just in autumn? The health benefits keeps your body fighting disease off all year. Most commonly taken for preventing hair loss and prostate problems, due to its reported DHT blocking properties. Skin: Pumpkin Seed Oil improves skin tone, and may be beneficial for those suffering from skin problems,acne,dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. The fatty acids in this healthy oil assist in maintaining  smooth skin tone and speed up the repair of dry,flaky and irritated skin.They are also important for proper moisture levels within the epidermis and normalising skin oil production. Eyes: Pumpkin Seed Oil contains high levels of zeaxanthin. A antioxidant carotenoid, protects the eyes retina from UV and blue light damage. Arthritis: The fatty acid content helps lubricate joints and can be beneficial for disease of inflammation. Bladder Function: Pumpkin Seed Oil is included in products designed to alleviate bladder problems and urinary incontinence. In older men this issue is often related to an enlarged prostate and Pumpkin Seed Oil DHT blocking properties may help reduce the problem. Studies have even found that pumpkin seeds are a mood boosting food! One of the richest sources of Tryptophan, pumpkin seeds increase production of serotonin, a hormone that can help improve peoples mood and help us feel relaxed. With a high zinc content,which plays a central role in boosting the immune system and cell division, pumpkin seeds can increase brain power by enhancing memory and focus. Hair Loss: Pumpkin Seed Oil acts as a hair loss remedy due to their zinc content, this in turn benefits hair growth.     [shopify product=]  

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