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Healthy Eating Made Simple by Amanda Hamilton

December 12, 2015

healthy-eating-small Amanda Hamilton is known for helping people look and feel their absolute best through a no-nonsense nutrition based approach to eating,with an emphasis on balanced meals that are designed to help you feel fuller for longer.

Essential Nutrition

Make small sustainable changes and never follow a fad diet.


Your body needs a wide range of nutrients to function at its best, and the simplest way to achieve this is to ensure you eat natural foods from all main food groups in the right proportions.

The different food groups provide different nutrients,a balance of which is required for the body to function optimally.This not only includes protein,fat,carbohydrates,and fibre but the vitamins,minerals and phytochemicals that are obtained in balanced amounts when you eat a varied diet.


Healthy Fats

Essential fatty acids should form the foundation of our fat intake as they provide our cells with the nutrition they need in order to function properly.

Heart- help decrease most CVD risk factors including high blood pressure,platelet stickiness and high triglycerides (blood fats)

Brain-improve the membrane function of our blood cells which are then better able to carry vital oxygen to the brain for cognitive function.

Fitness- provide a stable source of energy which can help reduce cravings, whilst shifting the body into a fat burning mode.They also help to lubricate our joints,aid endurance and reduce recovery time.

Beauty-Vital for keeping our skin,hair and nails in peak condition.A lack or imbalance of EFAs can lead to dry,red,acne prone skin.


Portion Control

It's understandable if you're confused over what a portion looks like- there's no standard guidance on portion size in th UK.The main reason for this is that energy requirements vary from person to person.

It can be helpful to use your hand as a unique visual portion size guide at main meal times:

  • Cooked meat or fish: size of your palm
  • Cooked whole grains: the size of your clenched fist,you may need more than one portion if you are very active.
  • Cheese,nut butters or salad dressing: the size of your thumb

At any meal feel free to pile your plate high with green veggies.

Avoid Processed And Refined Foods

flour_n_bread_400 The most important word to remember is 'natural' if the foods you have at the supermarket checkout are predominantly packaged,beige and full of refined carbohydrates (sugars,flours,etc)then you need to start over. As much of your food as possible should look like it either grew in the ground,walked on the earth, or swam in the water.If you can't recognise what it is you are about to eat, the odds are you shouldn't be eating it.

Top Tips For Optimum Health

Nutrient max your meals, ensure that all your meals contain foods as close to their natural state as possible.This means ditching the chemical-laden packaged foods.An easy way to visualise a nutrient-rich diet is simply to look for colour-ditch the beige and eat the rainbow.

Hydrate Naturally, water or herbal teas are best when it comes to staying healthy and hydrated-some coconut water drinks are another great healthy option.

Stock up on healthy snacks, it's often mid-meal,stressed-out hunger pangs which lead to the search for comfort food.Make sure you are genuinely hungry before snacking as you are better off sticking to meal times if you can.

Get in shape for your health, visceral fat-the type that gathers around your midriff to create what's known as the apple shape-is more biologically active than other fat cells in the body,meaning it produces more hormones and other biochemicals that can have a profound effect on your health,increasing your risk of disease by promoting insulin resistance and low-level inflammation.

Know when to start, for women looking to make dietary changes easier,start during the first half of your cycle when levels of oestrogen are slowly rising,as appetite tends to be lower during this phase.

Beat the bloat, Poor digestion can be the root cause of lethargy,headaches and skin problems.Increase your intake of natural,digestion-friendly fibre such as that found in fruit and vegetables.Not only will it boost digestion ,but it also binds itself to excess oestrogen in the digestive tract and carries it out of the body.Good source of insoluble fibre include brown rice,carrots,cucumbers and celery.Prebiotics and microbiotics also work in synergy to help you getting a flatter tummy from inside out.

Ditch the diet foods.The fat in diet products is usually replaced with processed carbohydrates in the form of sugar,be it sucrose,maltose,glucose,fructose or the vaguely healthy sounding corn syrup.These are all bad news for weight gain,especially around the mid-section.

Moderate Caffeine If you're a coffee or tea lover,stick to a few cups a day-the basic Americano or macchiato are the most natural.Syrupy oversized flavoured coffee-style drinks are a far cry from real coffee.While caffeine needn't be a problem,drinking caffeine too late can interfere with sleep so a 2pm cut off can be helpful to adopt.If you find caffeine makes you jittery,drink herbal teas instead.

Don't drink your calories,Fruit juices and all forms of alcohol are high in aforementioned sugar.Enjoy a little,not a lot!The government recommendations on alcohol and sugary drinks are a good yardstick.

Final Thought

It's not just what you eat but how you eat that counts!

Avoid eating when stressed and only eat when hungry-otherwise known as eating mind fully

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