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March 20, 2015

So let me talk about the importance of goals! It’s so necessary to have a goals set out in all aspects of life. Be it, training, financial or everyday life. This doesn’t mean just thinking of a bunch of things you’d love to do and then saying you’ll do when inside your head you actually telling yourself it’s never going to happen… Or suddenly having a mad craze for something and a week later just letting it die away. A goal needs to be bigger than that. A goal needs to have a reason behind it that you feel so passionately about deep inside. A goal needs to be more than you think you can achieve, riiiiiight outside of your comfort zone forcing you to push yourself to your limits each and every day. The best way to set some goals are to brainstorm everything you want to achieve in the next 12 months, when you have that break it down into the things you would need to do in 6 months to be half way there and then another 3 months to be a quarter of the way! You need to sit and visualise yourself in the moment of achieving that goal. If you can, close your eyes. Imagine what you would see, what you would hear, how you would feel.  And then bring yourself back to where you are now. Realise how far away you are from being where you want to be and note down how that makes you feel. Once you have the emotion and the passion behind why you want to achieve that goal write down 5 things you will take away and start doing today! Remember that steady wins the race. Sometimes you will feel like you’re getting nowhere, and it will make you question why the f**k you’re doing it to yourself, but dig deep right back to the reason behind it and just keep grinding. Often when people see results straightaway and get so close to where they want to be in a short time, it’s not long before it all comes crashing down because they have tried to take the easy route. As long as you can look back to the previous week and see/feel a small difference, well then you are on the way to victory! I like to make a few goals to set out each year. Some I will focus on more than others but the ones I will put all of my energy into will often make the ones I focus on less happen as a result! My goals I set out for this year were to : Change 5 people’s lives (in process) Get sponsored (tick) Compete in bikini and place top 5 (still grinding it out) Perform a seminar on female empowerment in front of 50 people (working on it) Create my own online business Have £3000 in my savings (well on my way) My goals are all pretty crazy! They are well out of my comfort zone, and are a lot more than expected from your average 20 year old girl but I’m on a mission and I WILL push my hardest to attack them every single day! Tiredness, illness, knockbacks, just general s**t will get in the way, but when you want to succeed as much as you want to breath you WILL be successful! Think of your goals, write them down, share them with as many people as possible and work them every single day until you get there!

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