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Feel Great This Winter

November 01, 2015


ImmuneBiotix an exciting new formula from Quest Vitamins.Immunebiotix contains nutrients that contribute to the normal function of the immune system.


A potent and unique immune complex of beta glucans in the most active form.Beta glucans are potent biologically active molecules found in the cell walls of oats, fungi and yeats. ImmuneBiotix conatins both beta 1-3 and 1-6 linkages. This product also contains aged garlic extract, probotic bacteria to a guaranteed minium potency 2 billion probiotic bacteria.Nutrients to support the immune system; 1000iu vitamin D , selenium, zinc and copper.

Designed to support immune system function for everyday wellbeing and increase the body's resistance to stress and to help increase resistance to disease and infections. Each ingrediant has been carefullychosen for its positive action on immune cells. Beta glucans enhance immune function and reduce susceptibility to pathogenenic organisms.Ages garlic enhances various immune factors and vitamin D , selenium, zinc and copper have immune modulatory properties. Lastly probiotic bacteria stimulate and regulate immune response.

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