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Co-Enzyme Q10

October 27, 2015

Co-Enzyme Q10 (co-Q-10) is a quinone derivative with a tail, the number 10 referring to the length of the tail. It is also known as ubiquinone because it is ubiquitous (found everywhere) in biological systems. Inside every cell of the body is a small energy factory where the calories in sugars and fats are turned into the fuel that we run on, called adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Co-Q-10 is an essential part of that process and without it energy production cannot occur. Parts of the body that work the hardest such as the heart and liver, and events that require extra energy, such as infection, healing and sperm production, also call for greater concentrations.This substance is particularly popular in Japan where it is estimated that approximately 6 million people take a supplement daily.

Co-Q-10 plays a very important role at a very fundamental biochemical level as a carrier in a process known as the 'electron transport chain'. This process occurs within an area in the cell known as the mitochondria and is the method by which the body produces energy.

Benefits of Co-Q-10

Cardiovascular disease- a 75% reduction in the body's co-Q-10 level leads to the heart ceasing to function therefore it is important to maintain adequate levels. Co-Q-10 also enhances the antioxidant activities of Vitamin E, helping to maintain healthy arteries. Blood Pressure- healthy levels of Co-Q-10 are associated with a strong pumping action in the heart and less resistance to blood flow.Reducing the resistance to blood flow is associated with healthy blood pressure. Gum Disease- diseased gum tissue conatins very low levels of Co-Q-10.Trials have shown Co-Q-10 supplementation helps restore gum health by preventing the progress of gum disease and increasing the rate of gum healing. Weight Loss-research has shown that some overweight people have low Co-Q-10 levels.Increasing the levels of Co-Q-10 increases the body's metabolism and induces weight loss. Anti-Aging and Immune System- studies with mice increased their lifespan by 50% with Co-Q-10 supplementation and extended the youthfulness of skin and gave the ability to require to ward off infection.During infection, the white blood cells are more active and mobile,so require more energy. Energy Booster- Co-Q10  has been shown to stimulate energy production in people feeling tired and run down. Statin Users- the group of drugs collectively known as statins are well known to deplete levels of Co-Q-1o in the body and supplements are often rcommended to rectify this situation. [shopify product=] [shopify product=] [shopify product=]            


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