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The SQUEEZY CARBO LOAD DRINK is a high concentrated carbohydrate powder for the phases before and after sports.

500 g of powder mixed with water make 6 x 0.5 l of ready drinks. The available flavour is lemon

Increase your energy reserves by up to 30% with high quality carbohydrates      

Delivers highly concentrated carbohydrate in its most efficient form. Athletes often find it difficult to consume high  amounts of carbohydrate  using  normal food. To avoid the bulk of high-carb foods:

Carbo-loading is normally undertaken prior to a major event. It’s a technique that can increase your body’s carbohydrate stores by 30% or more. Here is an effective and easy method that does not require long periods of non training or a radical change to your diet.

Follow this guide in the 3 days leading up to your competition:

Each morning drink 500ml of Carbo-load drink. Wait for 2 hours then do a gentle warm up in your chosen sport  Follow that warm up with  3 minutes intense effort. Good lactic acid build-up during this will encourage your body to store carbohydrate.

You should then aim to consume 10 grams of carbohydrate per kg body weight during the day. For a 70kg rider that would be 700 grams of carbohydrate per day.

One serving of 50g into a 750ml bottle of water will give you 120g of Carbohydrates. You can determine how much you need by the length of your event.(one serving for 2hrs, 2 servings for 4hrs etc  each day spread over the 3 days previous to your event) Rich in long chain  carbohydrates. Contains magnesium, sodium and potassium for mineral replacement As in all SQUEEZY-carbohydrate-products it contains no artificial sweeteners, glutens or lactose.

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