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Squeezy Nutrition

Designed specifically for endurance events.It is loaded with natural sodium,potassium and isomaltose

The Tomato Gel is a savoury gel that does not leave you with that sticky taste that prolonged use of sweet gels will give you.

  1. It has 10 times the amount of sodium as ordinary gels 
  2. High amount of potassium for cramp prevention
  3. It is made from isomaltose carbohydrate which gives a longer term energy delivery than maltodexrin
  4. Free of Lactose,Gluten and artificial sugars 
  5. Suitable for fructose intolerant people
  6. All natural ingredients for easy digestion

Savoury Tomato flavour

About Energy & Recovery Gels

Energy gels are consumed by athletes or other physically active people to maintain their calorific needs in light of their strenuous physical activity. They contain complex carbohydrates and are often sold in various fruit flavours, most are in sachet format with a tear off lid for ease of use.



Nutritional values
33 g (1 sachet) 100 g
Energy 314 kJ (74 kcal) 952 kJ (224 kcal)
– of this saturated fatty acids
< 0.10 g
< 0.10 g
< 0.10 g
< 0.10 g
– of this sugar
18 g
3.6 g
55 g
11 g
Proteins 0.22 g 0.66 g
Salt 0.33 g 1.0 g

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