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Squeezy Nutrition Energy Drink - Orange

Squeezy Nutrition


 The basic-drink in the SQUEEZY assortment.

The SQUEEZY ENERGY DRINK with orange flavour tastes refreshing and delivers carbohydrates before, during and after training or competition

A pure product that delivers quality long term energy in its most digestible form........                  

Mixes natural fruit sugars such as Fructose and glucose for fast realease of energy and long-chain carbohydrates (maltodextrin) for long term delivery of that energy. It makes 7.5 litres of ready to drink energy.

For before, during and after competition Great value and taste. Orange flavour

  • Low osmolality for easy absorbtion to the body
  • SQUEEZY ENERGY DRINK contains necessary ingredients exclusively for the loading phase.
  • Contains maltodextrin and fructose and glucose.
  • Free from lactose, gluten and artificial sweeteners.


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