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Squeezy Nutrition

Our Gels contain only the essential ingredients to sustain energy and delay muscle fatigue

They also promote recovery. Free of Lactose, Gluten,Fat, Fibre,Protein and Artificial sugar for easy digestion

Our Energy gels are used to sustain your energy levels only.They are designed to prevent an artificial energy boost from an insulin spike caused by too much sugar. 

For best results take 60 g (2 gels) every hour after the first 45 mins of exercise

Stripped down to its essential ingredients for maximum effect
Lactose free, Gluten free and no artificial sugars for easy digestion
Fructose for the fast energy supply - without an excessive insulin spike
High quality Maltodextrin for the continuous energy supply
Sodium and Potassium for muscle support and to reduce cramp
Lemon, Raspberry and Banana Flavour

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