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BPI Sports Best Glutamine - 400g (50 servings)


BEST GLUTAMINE™ contains 6 advanced forms of glutamine for a faster recovery, increased energy, and overall improved health & wellness. Glutamine is an important amino acid that’s very crucial for optimal athlete performance. When building muscle, having a supplement to prevent protein catabolism, or breakdown of proteins, is vital for maintaining and improving upon your physique. A solid recovery is also a vital component of fitness. BEST GLUTAMINE™ speeds up recovery time so you can get back in the gym at full force. 



  • GLUTAMINE (AS OLIGOPEPTIDE-ENZ: This form bonds glutamine to other amino acids to form a peptide linked chain (Oligopeptide). The Oligopeptide form may act as a better transport vehicle to allow more efficient metabolization, help increase bio-availability, onset time, and generally improve the efficacy of glutamine. 
  • GLUTAMINE ACID: Glutamic acid is one of nature's most abundant amino acids and is the primary amino acid taken up into the muscle during rest and exercise. Supplementation with glutamic acid has shown positive effects on exercise performance. 
  • GLUTAMINE AKG: Alpha-ketoglutarate, the carbon skeleton of glutamate and glutamine, is an intermediate compound in the Krebs cycle. AKG spares endogenous glutamine and increases glutamine synthesis and availability. Attaching AKG to glutamine is a more effective way of delivering AKG. 
  • L-ALANYL-L-GLUTAMINE: A dipeptide of glutamine and alanine. This form of glutamine is stable to both heat and acids, and is highly water soluble, thus increasing absorption. Studies show this form of glutamine has the potential to improve exercise performance. 
  • L-GLUTAMINE: This most studied form of glutamine has been shown to be effective and to be safe in doses up to 40 grams per day. 
  • N-ACETYL-L-GLUTAMINE: A modified amino acid through acetylation of an amine group, this form of glutamine appears to offer a more stable source for supplementation.