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Taffer Pro Weight Lifting Grips


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TAFFER Lifting grips are the best training gear for heavy workouts! Strong and durable materials that can withstand heavy weights. One size that fits men and women. Sold in pairs.

TAFFER lifting grips are without a doubt the best training gear you could ever have! Made with tough and long-lasting materials so you can get the most out of workouts.

Design and handcraft at its best. All our products including these grips are handmade in Finland. We believe that best results are born when you find the right people for the right job. And we definitely have found the right people to make our products! We only use the best materials to ensure that our products are as good as we say. We do not settle for ordinary.

Our company TAFFER is all about being tougher than yesterday. That is why we always want to go forward. As we started in early 2014 we only had one product. Later on our company grew bigger designing and manufacturing multiple products for sports and fitness industry. But the key is, we never start producing new products until we are sure they are the best they can be. We will never sell anything that is just okay. We have high standards for quality and if something is not good enough, it is not TAFFER enough.

From the beginning of our journey many people have trusted on TAFFER lifting grips. When asked what makes especially these lifting grips the best ones, answer has been design, functionality and durability. When you use lifting grips, you reduce the need to use all your power on gripping which leaves you more power to use the most important thing: to work on the muscles you are training. Soft and wide wrist part of the straps spreads the stress of the lift equally to a large area making these grips extremely comfortable to use.

The grip part is made out of synthetic rubber. It gives you an excellent grip and you do not have to worry will your grip hold or not. The rubber is developed by us and can only be purchased from us. It is produced under strict Finnish quality standards and regulations. And when we say strict, we really mean that. Because after all, Finland is a land of rules, rules and rules. So nothing, and we really mean nothing, cannot be produced without lots of tests and regulations. So that is why we can honestly say that we have the best rubber in the world. It´s true, okay?

And other very nice details about our product: TAFFER lifting grips are very fast and easy to use. You do not have to wraps these multiple times around the bars like you would have to when using ordinary lifting straps. These grips lock into position within seconds and stay put. You do not have to use all your energy by squeezing your hands red and sore, you can even open your fingers a bit and still the grip holds! That enables you to use more power on muscle work which should be your ultimate goal, right?

Lifting grips are the number one training gear when training with bigger weights as well as smaller weights. Exercises where lifting grips fits perfectly are for example:

  • Deadlifts

  • Pull-ups

  • Angled rows

  • Seated rows

  • Lat pull-downs


Designed and manufactured proudly in Finland

Product details:

  • Adjustable wrist width between 14-24cm

  • Fitted shape for right and left hand

  • Sold in pairs

  • Materials: synthetic rubber, lycra, polyester

  • Synthetic rubber is produced in same premises as natural rubber, this might cause symptoms to people who suffer from over-sensitivity to rubber materials. We do not recommend the use of this product to people who may suffer from sensitivity to rubber materials.

Category: lifting straps, taffer

Type: Gym Accessories

Vendor: Taffer

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