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Sunita Raw Organic Lavender Honey 250g


Sunita Raw Organic Honey

Sunitas range of Raw Organic Honey

Sunita believes in offering optimum quality honey, respecting the environment and conserving soil fertility through careful use of natural resources and without the use of chemical products. We pride ourselves on authenticity, quality and great taste.

Sunita Raw Organic Honey is collected by dedicated beekeepers using only cold extraction by centrifugal force ensuring that the temperature never exceeds 30 degrees centigrade. This not only means that the honey is kept at as near to hive temperature as possible but also protects all of the important enzyme activity which gives honey its very special properties.

Sunita guarantees:

That all the honey is from hives over 3km away from intensive agriculture and industry. And nothing used during production, extraction or packaging leaves any residue.

All Sunita Raw Organic Honey is produced by:

  • using slow centrifugal force
  • cold extraction
  • temperature lower than 37 degrees C
  • all enzymes, vitamins and minerals are protected.

Sunita are happy to supply you with specification sheets for all of our honeys just give us call or contact us email

Preserving bee’s means preserving the environment.


Raw Organic Lavender Honey

Spanish Raw Organic Lavender honey comes from the Southern Iberian plateau, harvested by dedicated beekeepers in late summer and autumn.

Raw Organic Lavender Honey

  • an anti-oxidant that helps get rid of free radicals
  • rich in iron
  • can help with stomach and intestinal discomfort and aids digestion
  • superb taste
  • contains the delicate scent of lavender blossom

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Type: Superfoods

Vendor: Sunita

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