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Royal Jelly 150mg (Honey & Wheatgerm Oil Base)

Natures Aid

Royal Jelly is the nectar produced by bees as food for the queen bee. This milky, whitish solution is secreted by worker bees from glands in their heads and is the exclusive food of the queen bee from larva to adult. The bees hold the jelly on their tongue and transfer it to the queen when she enters the hive. Once transferred the queen absorbs the jelly, which helps her to sustain life and produce the millions of eggs for the hive in her six-year lifespan – a life span which is 30 times longer than that of a normal bee. Natures Aid Royal Jelly provides 150mg of this nutritious substance and is made from fresh Royal Jelly in a base of Honey.

Natures Aid Royal Jelly has not been chemically processed or freeze dried, so it maintains all its properties.

Royal Jelly is a rich source of B-vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as copper, iron, phosphates, potassium, silicon and sulphur.

Wheatgerm Oil (may contain gluten), Gelatin, Acacia Honey, Glycerine, Royal Jelly, Lecithin (product of soya), Beeswax.

Take 1 softgel per day with food.

Do not exceed the recommended intake.

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