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PhD PRE-WKT Pump - Fruit Punch

PhD Nutrition

Pre workout products have gone from the early days when 200mg of caffeine was seen as "a large amount" to the crazy days of 2017 when images of zombies and the devil now frequent the packaging of the latest "hardcore" offering with up to a gram of caffeine (if you take the "hardcore serving") that is. This is crazy, I'm sure you all agree. Pre workouts were created to help you turn your hard workouts into something that was more productive than it would have been had you not used a pre-workout, right?Having agreed that, PhD set out to find out exactly what it was that you required from your workouts and lo and behold it wasn't "Getting pumped up for a night on the town", the need was actually far more important, it was about:

  • Burning more fat than I normally can.
  • Giving me more energy.
  • Helping me perform better and for longer, with more consistency and less loss of strength.
  • Providing a great muscle pump so I can build more muscle.

Once we had registered this, we realised that we couldn't do all this with one product because it would not only be impossible, it would be counter productive and conflicting. WE asked ourselves, "Why would a power lifter who wants to perform 10 sets of 3, need to burn fat?", or "Why would a cross fitter want to get a muscle pump?", the contradictions of a "one pre workout fits all2 approach are many, so we decided we would bite the bullet and create three!

Pre Workout BURN, Pre Workout PERFORM and Pre Workout PUMP.

PhD Pre-Wkt PUMP contains the latest breakthrough ingredient technology for bodybuilders seeking serious muscle pumps leading to muscle growth activation. Containing over 2g of Arginine and Betaine per serving Pre-Wkt PUMP also contains the super-ingredient L-Norvaline. It also contains NO CAFFEINE.

So why no caffeine?- The answer is complicated in its science but simple in it's reasoning. Caffeine acts as both a vasoconstrictor and a mild diuretic, these are both reactions in the body that are exactly the opposite of what you want to happen if you are actively seeking a muscle pump. Firstly, vasoconstriction is the narrowing of blood vessels. Arginine (which is a key ingredient for the muscle pump) is a vasodilator (expansion of blood vessels), one allows more blood into the muscle, one allows less. If you have both in the same product, you are countering the effects of both. If you want to increase muscle pumps- then don't use a pre workout with caffeine, but always use Arginine for it's ability to increase Nitric Oxide production. This comes back to the reason why we have created 3 pre workout products. Remember we agreed that the reason for using a pre workout wasn't to get ready for a night out?, the reason is to enhance the benefits of whatever type of training you are doing. More blood into the muscle means more nutrients and the greater ability to build muscle. So if you want a muscle pump and are training to get bigger, don't use a pre workout with caffeine in. If you want to perform better and lose body fat, well that's a different story and that's why we have created pre workout BURN and PERFORM.


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