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Pharma Nord Bio-Culture 60 Capsules

Pharma Nord

Acidophilus Probiotics supplement, Bio-Culture complements the friendly bacteria in your stomach to aid digestion. Each Pharma Nord Bio-Culture capsule contains 4 billion live bacteria, protected within a stomach resistant gel. Many probiotic products are unable to deliver viable bacteria to the small intestine because the bacteria are killed off by stomach acid before reaching their destination. Bio Culture capsules feature a special gel matrix that is formed in the stomach once the capsule dissolves. The matrix contains the bacteria in a safe, acid-resistant environment and does not release them until they have reached the small intestine – the point of absorption.

Ever get that awful 'holiday tummy' when travelling abroad? Help maintain your body's natural intestinal flora with Bio-Culture, Pharma Nord's Acidophilus Probiotics.

Why Pharma Nord Bio-Culture:

  • Manufactured to pharmaceutical standards.
  • Each capsule contains 4 billion live bacteria.
  • MSG Free (mono-sodium glutamate).
  • Lactose Free - Not recommended for people who are allergic to milk proteins.
  • Gluten Free.
  • Ideal for travelling (stable at room temperature).

Category: Bio-Culture, Pharma Nord

Type: Probiotics

Vendor: Pharma Nord

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