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Pandy Protein Candy Soda Shakers 70g


Pandy Protein Candy - Soda Shakers (Cola/Lime Sweets) - 70g Packet

At this point, we've pretty much had it all... protein bars, protein cookies, protein muffins, protein spreads, protein chocolate, protein pancakes, protein pudding... you name it! But, funnily enough, protein sweets?! Not really! Nothing halfway decent anyway. But wait! Pandy? The Protein Candy Company? Bring it on!

Key Facts:

  • 16g Protein Per Bad
  • 4g Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's)
  • Lactose & Gluten Free!
  • Sugar Free!

Pandy 'Soda Shakers' are a gym-themed, sweet, soft and chewy jelly delight! Sugar Free, Gluten Free, 0 lactose, naturally sweetened with Stevia, added BCAAs, and the BEST part? 16g protein per bag!!

Just as good as your favourite pick & mix candy (or think, Tangfastics!) but with a load of extra protein and totally sugarfree, each bag of Pandy Protein Soda Shakers are mixed cola and lime flavoured...and shaped like little protein shakers!! Doesn't get much tastier or cuter than this!