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Barebells Strawberry Protein Milkshake 330ml x 8



This milkshake is made to spoil your inner child. The fact that it contains 24 grams of protein per serving, is free from both lactose and added sugar is just a nice bonus. So go ahead. Be five! 

Be good to mother nature - recycle this product as plastics. 

Nutrion Facts per 100 ml (per 330 ml)
ENERGY 235 kJ (776 kJ)/56 kcal (185 kcal)
FAT 1,4 g (4,6 g), saturated fat 0,9 g (3 g)
CARBOHYDRATE 3,5 g (12 g), sugars 3,5 g (12 g)
PROTEIN 7,3 g (24 g)
SALT 0,22 g (0,73 g)

Category: protein shake, protein snack

Type: RTD's

Vendor: Barebells