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ATP Science ZMST - 120 Caps

ATP Science

Product Description

ZMST is Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, and Taurine. The nutrients zinc, selenium and magnesium are termed “essential” as you cannot make them inside your body from other materials they must be supplied by the diet. Taurine is “conditionally essential” meaning during times of increased demand your diet may need to be supplemented to maintain adequate levels.[1]*

ZMST may be of benefit to help you maintain adequate intakes of magnesium, zinc, selenium, and taurine. Or if you want to take more during times of increased physical and mental exertion or stress. [2][3]*

Per capsule ZMST supplies approximately;

100mg of magnesium from approximately 650mg of magnesium citrate

2.5mg of zinc from approximately 20mg of zinc gluconate

6.25mcg of selenium from selenium nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

25mg of taurine (vegan-friendly source)


Take one capsule 3 times daily. (3 capsules per day)

Under the supervision of your healthcare professional, you can take larger doses up to 3 capsules 3 times daily (9 capsules per day in divided doses) for short periods of time.

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