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SIS GO Hydro 20 Tablets x 8


SiS GO Hydro Effervescent Tablets
Low-calorie high electrolyte effervescent tablet to hydrate during training or racing:

 Simply drop in water to provide a high electrolyte drink
• High in sodium to help promote hydration
• When hydration is required without the added calories

About SiS GO Hydro

SiS GO Hydro is a scientific and cutting edge formulation designed to maintain effective hydration to allow you to perform to your best. As an effervescent tablet that readily dissolves in plain water, it is a convenient intake method (simply drop one tablet in your 500 ml water bottle) ensuring that all of your electrolyte and fluid requirements are met in its most simple format.  SiS GO Hydro is a perfect solution for athletes that need adequate hydration without the calories.

Why should I take SiS GO Hydro?

Moderate to intense exercise can result in our body producing 1-2 litres (L) of sweat (through which we lose fluid and electrolytes) per hour dependent on specific environmental conditions. If water and electrolytes are lost at this rate without replenishment, the body will become dehydrated and performance will suffer significantly as a result. When in this dehydrated condition our perception of exercise intensity can be higher due to increased body temperature, heart rate and depleted carbohydrate stores. Therefore the amount of work put in to exercise is increased just to produce the same performance, thus dehydration is one of the major causes of fatigue. 

In the context of maintaining adequate hydration, sodium is the most crucial electrolyte as it aids in stimulating thirst, improving fluid palatability and promotes fluid absorption and retention. SiS GO Hydro tablets meet your sodium requirements in an appropriate amount (0.7 grams per L) and concentration (30 mmol/L) that is scientifically proven to result in superior hydration in comparison to plain water.

Recommended Usage

To ensure hydration prior to training or racing, consume at least 500 ml of GO Hydro approximately 3-4 hours prior to your event with a further 250-500 ml at 2 hours prior to starting. During exercise itself, traditional guidelines advise a drinking strategy that prevents dehydration equating to > 2% loss in body mass. In practice, such a drinking strategy usually equates to 500 ml per hour and depending on the environmental conditions, your thirst will likely determine if your body requires more. If aiming to combine hydration and energy delivery, SIS GO ENERGY could be combined with the SIS GO GELS and GO BAR RANGE to ensure both adequate carbohydrate and fluid delivery during exercise.

Category: Electrolytes, SIS

Type: Recovery / Hydration

Vendor: SIS

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