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Reflex Peptide Fusion 2.1kg

Reflex Nutrition

Peptide Fusion is a showcase of the finest quality proteins available today. It provides 3 of the most bioavailable and expensive forms of protein in equal ratios to form probably the best time release protein blend in the world today, we’d argue that any other protein blend will simply be second best.

Peptide Fusion contains a High Biological Value blend following 3 proteins, it’s the 33:33:33 ratio that’s set the benchmark.

EU sourced grass fed undenatured cold filtered native milk protein providing very valuable micellar casein

Of all protein, the High BV (biological value) this is the least processed of all and is termed a slow release protein in terms of digestion. This protein is high in both glutamine and Branch Chain Amino Acids. Micellar casein is also a favourite for those wanting a protein shake before bedtime because of its slow release qualities; we were one the first companies in the world to make it as a standalone product after recognising its unique properties.

EU sourced pure egg white protein isolate providing an excellent source of essential amino acids

It has been the go to protein for bodybuilders for decades, for good reason too. Egg is second only to whey protein for its biological value of 100, coupled with medium release protein digestion properties, it is difficult to beat. It’s use in protein powders as a main ingredient has declined though due to its expense, but there are few proteins that can replace all of the qualities that egg offers which is why it is a main ingredient in Peptide Fusion.

EU sourced grass fed undenatured cold filtered whey protein concentrate (80% protein)

The king of proteins, whey protein provides the highest content of Branch Chain Amino acids of all proteins, it has the highest biological value of any protein and is termed a fast release protein in terms of digestion. The particular whey protein concentrate we use in Peptide Fusion is 80% protein.

We really do feel that Peptide Fusion is the perfect time release protein blend; it has the best qualities of each protein equal measure. It also happens to be free from soy protein, added sugars, creamers and other ingredients that are best described as nutritional compromises. You can use it any time during the day, between meals, before and after you workout or even before bedtime.

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