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Reflex Micro Whey

Reflex Nutrition

For nearly two decades, our research and development team have sought to develop the ultimate, highly digestible, undenatured whey protein isolate product.  The result, MICRO WHEY™ is our purest best protein product yet.  It’s highly advanced formula has been designed to deliver more biologically active whey peptides, more protein and virtually no fat or carbohydrates.

Incredibly, 98% of the MICRO WHEY™ formula is derived solely from the world’s purest and most expensive forms of whey protein, namely, low temperature undenatured cross-flow micro filtered whey protein isolate and low temperature micro filtered native whey protein isolate.

Both forms of Whey Protein Isolate are derived from EU Grass Fed Milk, they are guaranteed to be free from many of the banned antibiotics and growth hormone that are allowed in the USA dairy industry.

With Native Whey Protein Isolate

We partnered with one of the world’s most sophisticated and environmentally conscious dairies in Europe to bring you native whey protein isolate extracted directly from fresh skimmed milk.  It is this superior process that is carried out at low temperature via complex ultra and membrane filtration that captures virtually every single highly valuable biologically active protein fraction in its native form. It’s the ultimate whey protein!

Just like the previous formula MICRO WHEY™ is still one of the only whey protein powders in the world where every finished batch is laboratory tested to ensure that it delivers a market leading 88% level of protein.

Another big difference that has always set MICRO WHEY™ apart from the competition is the standard inclusion of the very special Digezyme® digestive enzyme complex and LactoSpore® bacillus coagulans.

Micro Whey the protein powder that delivers Tomorrow’s Nutrition Today

MICRO WHEY™ is available in 909 g and 2.27 kg sizes in BANANA, CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRY and VANILLA flavours. You will be amazed just how easily they mix and how good they taste.