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Reflex Growth Matrix

Reflex Nutrition

Post workout or recovery supplements inherently have very specific functions to perform. Adopting a no compromise approach to formulating such a product required that we disregarded the high cost of the ingredients that we used and this inevitably led to a very unique product. It has become a staple part of supplement routines for gym goers, endurance athletes and sports people in general, in fact anyone who needs to recover effectively from intense physical training.

Containing Hydrolysed EU sourced Whey Protein

The main ingredient in Growth Matrix is EU sourced, grass fed whey protein that has been extensively treated with enzymes to create a hydrolysed whey. It has a high degree of hydrolysis meaning that more enzymes have been used to break down more of the whey’s whole proteins into peptides and amino acids. Peptides and amino acids are absorbed by your body very quickly which makes this type of protein perfect to take straight after a workout or intense exercise. Some post workout shakes will use some of this type of protein but we use it as the SOLE source of protein, but it’s expensive compared to normal whey.

Mega dose L-leucine

We then add a very significant dose of L-leucine (arguably the most important Branch Chain Amino Acid) for its synergistic properties in relation to the hydrolysed whey. To fully understand the significance of L-leucine we would recommend reading the study links provided below. The dose found in Growth Matrix is 7,000mgs per serving, the highest in any product available on the market and a dose that very closely replicates those found in research studies relating to increased protein synthesis.

Further to our unique combination of hydrolysed whey and L-leucine, comes fast acting carbohydrates in the form of glucose polymers. Numerous studies have proven the synergistic benefits of whey protein plus fast acting, high glycemic index carbohydrates after exercise which is exactly what you will find in Growth Matrix. No corners cut, just the best science has to offer.

Couple all of this with additional peptide bonded glutamine, Creapure Creatine®, vitamin B6 and electrolytes and it makes Growth Matrix the best post workout shake you could possibly ask for.

Please note that the hydrolyzed whey does have a naturally bitter flavour profile which does affect the flavour.