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Muscle Mousse 750g

Muscle Mousse

About The Mousse

 Muscle Mousse is a delicious protein dessert which can easily be added in to your daily diet.A sweet, guilt free treat to help increase your daily protein intake.Making it into a pudding is a perfect twist on the traditional protein shake, you feel like your eating something you shouldn't be!

It is manufactured at our UK production facility based in County Durham utilising the finest Swiss milk proteins for an exceptional tasting dessert which sets to a genuine mousse.

Muscle Mousse is very easy to prepare, requiring nothing more than a normal shaker cup. Simply add the required amount of mousse-mix to water, shake, pour in to a bowl and pop in the refrigerator for approximately 30 minutes.

Your favourite fruits, berries or nuts can also be added to the mix before refigeration to make even more fantastic ways to enjoy 'The Mousse'.

Muscle Mousse is a deliciously creamy dessert that tastes amazing and isn't sticky or 'claggy' and doesn't instantly set in the shaker making for a much smoother 'mouth-feel' with very little 'grittiness' that is normally associated with micellar casein products.

Each serving of delicious Muscle Mousse gives 30g of timed release protein and is low in fat, calories and contains no added sugars.


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