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Blend Bros Savoury Blend - 20g serving

Blend Bros

The worlds first high protein cooking sauce by Blend Bros

This is a blend of quality herbs and spices, combined with 20 grams of pure pea protein in every serving. Our Savoury range turns any recipe into a healthy, cost-effective, protein-rich meal solution with knockout taste to boot!

For a sauce, simply mix with water, microwave and add to your meal! (Or mix with boiling water and your good to go!) Or alternatively use as a high protein, healthy herb and spice mix, like you would any other, add the flavour without all the bad stuff!

THAI JUNGLE CURRY:From Bangkok Street vendors to the provincial beachfront restaurants of Krabi, the fragrant cuisine of Thailand is legendary. Surely the most infamous of which are the Thai curries. They vary in colour, flavour and spice intensity & we couldn’t settle on one. As such our Thai sauce is a combination of them all. Fragrant lemongrass & ginger accompany the coconut and garlic, with just a hint off chilli

SPANISH TOMATO AND CHORIZO:There’s not a lot more satisfying than biting a sizeable chunk of a chorizo sausage. In Spain, Portugal & much of South America the distinctively smokey, deep red sausage has got near cult status and is eaten at breakfast, lunch & dinner. We’ve captured all the flavours of the Spanish sausage, smoked in rich paprika and red chilli, and partnered it up with fragrant tomato for a flavour-packed savoury sauce that works a treat on almost anything

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